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  • Prohibition Signs - No Food Or Drink In This Area

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    Description & Features

    Prohibition signs are an important part of any business, as they help people understand their surroundings and how they should behave while there. For example, if you're at a concert or sporting event and you see a prohibition sign saying "no food or drink in this area," it's easy to understand that you shouldn't be bringing food items to that venue.

    Quill Safety is a leading manufacturer of prohibition signs for all settings and contexts. We take pride in supplying high-grade safety and compliance products to countless Australian homes and businesses. Check out our range today!

    ‘No food or drink in this area’ signs

    The 'no food or drink in this area' signs are useful in places with a high risk of contamination. This ensure that:

    • People must know where they can and cannot eat or drink.
    • Ensures everyone feels comfortable and clean in their area. 
    • Prevents unwanted mess and debris on floors, furniture or equipment.

    Ideal settings for ‘no food or drink’ sign

    These signs are ideal for a variety of settings, including:

    • Office — If you want to maintain a sanitary workplace, you can put up this sign to let employees know that there is a dedicated space for eating, but it's not on their desks and cubicles.
    • Factory — ‘No food and drink’ signs are best placed on manufacturing sites with dangerous machines, chemicals or other hazardous materials.
    • Retail outlets — Drinking or eating inside a boutique or similar places can be a big distraction for staff and customers. It's also unsanitary to be browsing products while eating.

    Keep your area clean with our ‘no food or drink’ signs

    Our ‘no food or drink’ sign is perfect for freeing your space from trash and mess. It's compliant with Australian standards, durable and gets the job done. Add this sign to your cart today or contact us if you need more information.